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Certificate Course in Python Programming

What you'll learn

A Python course typically covers a wide range of topics, starting from basic syntax and data types to more advanced concepts like web development or data science. Below is a comprehensive syllabus outline for a Python course:

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Course Outline

  • Python Introduction
  • Technical Strength of Python
  • Introduction to Python Interpreter
  • identifiers and variables
  • Keywords in Python
  • Constants in Python
  • Accepting input from Console
  • Printing Statements

  • Built in Data types
  • Numbers in Python
  • Simple Python programs

  • Arithmetic Operation in Python
  • Relational Operator in Python
  • Logical Operator in Python
  • Bitwise operators in Python
  • Assignment Operators in Python

  • if Statement in Python
  • if else in Pythpn
  • if elif else in Python

  • range function
  • While Statement
  • For loop

  • break statement
  • Continue Statement
  • Pass statement

  • String in Python

  • List in Python

  • Tuple in Python

  • Dictionary in Pyhton

  • Sets in Pyhton

  • User Defined Function
  • Local variables
  • the Return statement
  • Global Scope
  • Default argument
  • Keyword Arguments
  • VarArgs parameters

  • Concept of Files
  • File opening in various modes
  • Reading from a file
  • Writing onto a file
  • File functions
  • Handling TXT File
  • Handling Binary File
  • Handling CSV file

This syllabus can be adjusted based on the specific focus or requirements of the course or students. Additionally, it's advisable to include practical exercises, assignments, quizzes, and projects throughout the course to reinforce learning and assess understanding.