DCA Course

About Course


The programme offers basic computer training to equip a person to use computers in day-to-day life for professional and personal use. After completing the course, the person will be computer literate and will be able to:

  • Acquire confidence in using computer techniques available to users
  • Recognize the basic components of computers and terminology
  • Understand data, information and file management
  • Create documents using Word Processor, Spreadsheet & Presentation Software
  • Browse the internet, search information, use email and collaborate with peers

Course Content


  • What is Computer?
  • Components of Computer System
  • Concept of Hardware and Software
  • Representation of Data/Information
  • Concept of Data processing
  • Basics of Operating System
  • The User Interface
  • Operating System Simple Setting
  • File and Directory Management
  • Types of files
  • Word Processing Basics
  • Opening and closing Documents
  • Text Creation and manipulation
  • Formatting the Text
  • Using Header,Footer & Endnotes
  • Working with Graphics & Shapes
  • Working with Bullets & Numbering
  • Table Creation & Manipulation
  • Working Mail Marge
  • Creating Micros
  • Elements of Electronic Spread Sheet
  • Manipulation of Cells
  • Woking with Charts
  • Using Formulas
  • Using Function
  • Shoring and Filtering data
  • Using Goal seek
  • Creation of Presentation
  • Preparation of Slides
  • Providing Aesthetics
  • Presentation of Slides
  • Running a Slide Show
  • Transition and Slide Timings
  • Animation in objects
  • Automating a Slide Show
  • Basics of Computer Networks
  • Internet
  • Services on Internet
  • Preparing Computer for Internet Access
  • Web Browsing Software
  • Search Engines
  • Email Services


Minimum Requirement

Reading and Writing in English

Exit Profile
  • DataEntry Operator
  • Computer Operator
  • Office Assistant
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